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Direct Box Transformers

Jensen Direct Box Transformers are the ideal choice for coupling guitar pickups, musical instrument and other line level outputs to low impedance microphone inputs. They also give excellent results when used as an output transformer for Tube type condenser microphones. Direct Box transformers provides ground isolation and allow long cable runs from high impedance sources without excessive bandwidth loss.

Direct Box Transformers
Double Faraday shields and a 30 dB magnetic shield can are standard.
Mechanical Drawing for JT-DB-E Mtg. Brkt. - Keystone #620
Model # Price Impedance Ratio Turns Ratio Max 20Hz Input THD 20Hz THD 1kHz 20Hz/
-3dB BW
JT-DB-E $ 200k:1.5k 12:1 +22dBu 0.036% <0.001% -0.08dB/
JT-DB-EPC $ 200k:1.5k 12:1 +22dBu 0.036% <0.001% -0.08dB/

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