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Microphone Input Transformers

Jensen is Offering a New 3/8" Threaded Bushing Mount
for the following Microphone Input Transformer Models:
JT-16-A, JT-13K6-C, JT-13K7-A, JT-115K-E and JT-115K-E60
Simply add "TB" to the standard part number:
Example: JT-13K7-A becomes JT-13K7-ATB
There is a $2.50 charge for this option in small quantities
(call for quantitiy pricing)
Microphone preamp designs incorporating Jensen Input Transformers offer several
advantages over the more commonly used, inexpensive "transformerless" designs:
1) Superior Common Mode Interference Rejection
2) Superior Radio Frequency Interference Rejection
3) Ideal impedance matching of source to amplifier
4) Elimination of input coupling capacitor distortion
Jensen manufactures Microphone Input Transformers in many step-up ratios in order to
provide the best possible noise performance with any type of active amplifier device.

Mechanical Drawing for VR-3 and VR-4 Mtg. Clamp

Model # Price Impedance Ratio Turns Ratio Max 20Hz Input THD 20Hz THD 1kHz 20Hz - 20kHz re:1kHz -3dB BW
JT-MB-CA* $ 150:150 1:1 +2dBu 0.045% 0.001% -0.10dB -0.04dB 180kHz
JT-MB-CPCA* $ 150:150 1:1 +2dBu 0.038% 0.001% -0.10dB -0.04dB 170kHz
JT-16-A $ 150:600 1:2 +10dBu 0.025% 0.001% -0.06dB -0.00dB 220kHz
JT-11K8-APC $ 150:1.8k 1:3.5 -2dBu 0.070% 0.002% -0.17dB -0.06dB 80kHz
JT-13K6-C $ 150:3.5k 1:4.8 -2dBu 0.070% 0.002% -0.30dB -0.01dB 125kHz
JT-13K7-A $ 150:3.8k 1:5 +7dBu 0.030% 0.001% -0.08dB -0.08dB 120kHz
JT-110K-HPC $ 150:10k 1:8 -2dBu 0.045% 0.001% -0.19dB -0.08dB 100kHz
JT-115K-EPC $ 150:15k 1:10 -2.5dBu 0.065% 0.001% -0.26dB -0.13dB 90kHz
JT-115K-E $ 150:15k 1:10 -2.5dBu 0.065% 0.001% -0.26dB -0.13dB 90kHz
(2 Shield Cans)
$ 150:15k 1:10 -2.5dBu 0.065% 0.001% -0.26dB -0.13dB 90kHz

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