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UPS Voltage Regulator

UPS is a kind of Voltage Regulator.UPS is Uninterruptible Power Supply.
An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a completely different power. It provides backup electrical power for a short period of time to critical equipment in the event of brownouts (extended periods of low voltage) or total failure of normal electrical service. UPSs exist in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and capabilities. The most common types are: Standby UPS, Line Interactive UPS, Stanby On-Line Hybrid UPS, Stanby-Ferro UPS, Double Conversion On-Line UPS, and Delta Conversion On-Line UPS. While these distinctions may seem confusing the basic job they do is generally about the same (though there are some important differences about HOW they do it): they all contain a battery that stays charged while the electrical service is in operation. When a service interruption is detected, the UPS is able to draw from its battery to provide power. Unless you have a very sophisticated (and expensive) UPS, the replacement power period is quite short – a few minutes at most – but that gives you enough time to save a file or shut down a piece of hardware without losing its settings. By the way, usually the UPS is inserted into your power chain after the voltage regulator. If you’re running a commercial recording operation and don’t want to risk the wrath of a client whose “perfect take” just vanished because of a blackout before you saved, definitely add a UPS, at least to protect your computer or other recorder.
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