150 A Single-Phase Series Multiple (Dual Voltage) Switches 2237947CA02-Dry Type Transformer,Oil Filled Transformer,ABB Tansformer,Hammond Tansformer,Three Phase Transformer
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150 A Single-Phase Series Multiple (Dual Voltage) Switches 2237947CA02

150 A Single-Phase Series Multiple (Dual Voltage) Switches 2237947CA02

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150 A Single-Phase Series Multiple (Dual Voltage) Switches
The Cooper Power Systems 150 A externally operated Single-Phase series multiple (dual voltage) switch is used to change connection of de-energized transformer windings between series and parallel to provide different common transformer voltage ratios. They also make it possible to stock one transformer with voltage conversion capability. Using stacked multi-layer switches and auxiliary back switches, voltages such as 2400 V x 7620 V or 7200 V x 19920 V can be provided.
Tri-voltage switches are also available. Externally operable switches eliminate many of the hazards associated with manual internal tap changing of distribution transformers because line crews need not be exposed to high-voltage conductors and hot transformer fluids.
They also eliminate the need to dismount pole-type transformers for voltage adjustment and prevent exposure of the transformer tank interiors to contamination. The switches are designed for use in distribution transformers filled with transformer oil or an approved equivalent bio-based fluid. 

Catalog Number 2237947CA02
Standard Voltage Class: 35 Max.
AC 60 Hz 1 Minute Withstand: 50 kV
BIL and Full Wave Crest: 150 kV
Design Features
Series multiple (dual voltage) switches are available with cap/wrench, lever, “T”, or hotstick-operable handles. 
Lever handle has an indexing screw to ensure complete, positive switch contact. The cap/wrench handle has an innovative “one-way-in/one-way-out” operating feature that ensures positive operation.
Threaded cap protects the shaft seal. The spring-loaded pad lockable handle is hotstick-operable. It allows greater leverage and provides positive indication of switch position.
Series multiple (dual voltage) switches are available with either bolt tab or crimp terminals.
Switches with crimp terminals have additional inboard tapped holes for making separate ring tongue connections without changing switch contacts. 
All terminals have hex recesses to hold 7/16 inch hex bolt heads of standard 1/4 inch hardware for fast, easy connections.
The switch shaft is made of a high strength glass-reinforced nylon, and is sealed against leakage by two high temperature resistant Viton® O-rings. 
The switch body and rotor are made of glass-reinforced polyester. 
The spring tempered, high conductivity copper pinch-type rotor contacts, provide dependable self-cleaning action.
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