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300 A Externally Operated Series Multiple (Dual Voltage) Switch 2201977B01M

300 A Externally Operated Series Multiple (Dual Voltage) Switch 2201977B01M

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The Cooper Power Systems 300 A externally operated series multiple switch is used to change connection of de-energized transformer windings between series and parallel to provide different common transformer voltage ratios. They also make it possible to stock one transformer with voltage conversion capability. The switches may be used for 3:1 or lower voltage ratios only. Ratios other than 2:1 or 3:1 may require a backplate. Tri-voltage switches are also available.
Externally operable switches eliminate many of the hazards associated with manual internal tap changing of distribution transformers because line crews need not be exposed to high-voltage conductors and hot transformer fluid. They also eliminate the need to dismount pole-type transformers for voltage adjustment and prevent exposure of the transformer tank interiors to contamination. The switches are designed for use in distribution transformers filled with transformer oil or an approved equivalent bio-based fluid. 

Catalog Number 2201977B01M
Design Features
Series multiple switches have padlockable, hotstick-operable handles, which provide greater leverage and positive indication of switch position.
The switch shaft is made from high strength steel and is sealed against leakage by two high temperature resistant Viton® O-Rings.
The switch body and rotor are made of a glass-reinforced polyester.
The spring tempered high conductivity copper pinch-type rotor contacts provide dependable self-cleaning action.

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