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Cooper 150 A Externally Operable Tap Changer (Single-Phase) 2237470C01M

Cooper 150 A Externally Operable Tap Changer (Single-Phase) 2237470C01M

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The 150 A externally operated tap changer switch eliminates many of the hazards associated with manual internal tap changing of distribution transformers because line crews need not be exposed to high voltage conductors and hot transformer fluids. Tap changer switches eliminate the need to dismount pole type transformers for voltage adjustment and exposure of the transformer tank interior to contamination. They are designed for use in distribution transformers filled with transformer oil, or an approved equivalent.
Tap changers are available with five or seven switch positions, and for sidewall- or cover-mount applications. The switch body, rotor and shaft are made of a high strength glass-filled polyester material. The operating shaft is sealed against leakage by two high temperature resistant Viton® O-rings. The tapered gasket seal controls compression and prevents overtightening.
Catalog Number 2237470C01M
Standard Voltage Class: 35 kV Max
AC 60Hz 1 Minute Withstand: 50 kV
BIL and full Wave Crest: 150 kV
The switch is keyed to the tank wall to prevent switch body movement during switching.
Switch positions are easily changed by pulling out the spring-loaded handle turning it to the desired position, and allowing the pointer to drop into the slotted index plate.
Padlockable operating handle provides greater leverage, can be operated by hand and has a lock screw.
Easy to read raised white letters on the black index plate clearly identify switch position.
All copper, low resistance, pinchtype contacts provide self-wiping connections.
For ease of connection, bolt tabs, bolt tabs with 1/4-20 stud, 16-14 AWG, 12-10 AWG, 8 AWG or 6 AWG crimp terminals are available.
Switches with crimp terminals have additional inboard tapped holes for making separate ring tongue terminal connections without changing switch contacts.
All terminals have hex recesses to hold 7/16 inch hex bolt heads of standard 1/4 inch hardware for fast, easy connections.
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