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Four-Position Sectionalizing Loadbreak Switches 2037424C04M

Four-Position Sectionalizing Loadbreak Switches 2037424C04M

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The Cooper Power Systems four-position sectionalizing loadbreak switch is designed for use in transformer oil, or an approved equivalent bio-based, fluid filled pad-mounted transformers or distribution switchgear. The switches meet the full requirements of the latest revision of both IEEE® and IEC standards.
Sectionalizing switches can be used on single- and three-phase grounded wye or delta systems. They are used in underground residential applications with loop feed, and in three-phase commercial industrial installations where the ability to use an alternative source of power is necessary. They can also be used to switch on and off a primary cable tap on a transformer. The under-oil switch can be installed near the transformer core/coil assembly, thus minimizing cable capacitance. With cable capacitance minimized and all three phases switched simultaneously, the likelihood of ferroresonance is greatly reduced. All switches are hotstick operable and available in several different blade configurations.

Catalog Number 2037424C04M
12.5 kA Rated Switches IEEE Std C37.71â„¢ - 2001 standard
16 kA Rated Switches IEC 60265-1 - 1998
Ratings 200 A to 630 A, and 15 kV to 38 kV
Power Frequency 60 Hz
Available for both 12 kA and 16 kA applications.
Ratings from 200 A to 630 A and from 15 kV to 38 kV.
Tested in mineral oil and Envirotempâ„¢ FR3â„¢ fluids.
All electrical switching tests performed at third-party certified test laboratories
5000 mechanical operations (meets IEC class M2 switch).
All silver plated copper current path.
Similar “footprint” as previous 10 kA switches (See Tables 3 and 4).
The Ring-Mount System option offers easy and fast installation.
Special vertical mounted switches available for cover mounted applications.

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