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Jensen Microphone Input Transformers JT-MB-CPC

Jensen Microphone Input Transformers JT-MB-CPC

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Jensen Microphone Input Transformers JT-MB-CPC
MICROPHONE BRIDGING TRANSFORMER  DUAL FARADAY SHIELDS FOR HIGH ISOLATION  M  Provides additional, isolated balanced output as mic "splitter"  M Solves "transformerless" preamp problems when used as retrofit  M High common-mode rejection: 130 dB at 60 Hz  M Excellent frequency response and time domain performance  M Low insertion loss: 0.8 dB  This transformer is designed to be driven from a 150 S microphone source and  loaded by the typical 1 kS input impedance of microphone preamplifiers. It can  be used with balanced or unbalanced sources and/or loads since both primary and  secondary are fully balanced. A 30 dB magnetic shield package is standard.
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