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Two-Position Sidewall (Horizontal) Mounted Loadbreak Switches 2238061C01M

Two-Position Sidewall (Horizontal) Mounted Loadbreak Switches 2238061C01M

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The compact Cooper Power Systems two-position loadbreak/ loadmake switch is designed for use in transformer oil, or an approved equivalent bio-based, fluid-filled “Class 1” pad-mounted transformers or distribution switchgear. The switch mechanism uses a manually charged over-toggle stored spring assembly, which is independent of operator speed. The spring loaded activating mechanism ensures quick loadbreak or loadmake operation in less than one cycle. The two-position switch incorporates a double “O” ring shaft sealing system and two types of mounting systems, including a weld-in bracket assembly, and an easy to install ring mount system.

Catalog Number 2238061C01M
Ratings Rated Voltage
Ratings Current Rating Continuous
Ratings Switching Current
Ratings Cable Charging Current
Ratings Fault Withstand Current Momentary
Ratings Fault Close and Latch
Ratings Impulse Withstand Voltage
Ratings Power Frequency Withstand
Incorporated into the switch mechanism are internal stops which restrict the handle orientation to only two positions.
The two-position switch is hotstick operable and requires minimal input torque to operate.
Tungsten copper contacts to minimize arc erosion and prolong contact life.
The switch contacts are factory assembled and gaged to a predetermined spring pressure to ensure uniform contact pressure between the contacts and the blades.
The silver-plated copper blades are securely keyed between the vented rotor halves which ensure proper blade and contact alignment during switching.
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